11 June 2010

Food for Thought Friday: Limbo

Food for Thought Friday. I will give you something to reflect upon each Friday.

For the past almost year now, I have been in limbo. A nicer word would be in transition. No matter what spin I put on it, it never really feels comfortable. I am the sort of person who loves who expand my boundaries, but not having been employed for this long is unsettling as it is not of my own choosing. Yet, being out of my comfort zone often means growth and a deeper understanding of myself. 

I am starting to get that feeling that change is just around the corner. All signs seem to point forward, in a positive direction. I am in transition. I am trying to grasp the feelings that I have about where I am right now and remember it with fondness. It is only temporary. I must cherish all that I can while the moment exists. Limbo isn't so bad, it means change is just around the corner. 


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