08 June 2010

Toastmasters: Becoming an Officer

Usually my Toastmasters Club meets every Tuesday, but in the summer it is only every other week. I missed last week's meeting due to illness and today there was not a meeting. Last week, I was asked to become and was voted in as the Sargent at Arms. It is the lowest level of office that one can hold in the club, but I still feel honored that I was asked and chosen to do this task as I have not been a member for too long. I set the expectation that I would not be able to finish the year as I am looking for a job and may move back to Japan soon. They understood. 

As a new officer, I attended a special district meeting last night. I meet a few people from the other clubs in town, which was pleasant. And I learned some things about Toastmasters. 

The meeting was basically an introduction of the positions as officers, including Sargent at Arms. It was interesting, but I should go through the PowerPoints just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I like to carry out my duty to the best of my ability in most all situations. 

And that is my Toastmasters update. I'm the new Sargent at Arms. Cool. 


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