05 June 2010

Good News!

I finally have an interview. It is for another teaching position in Japan. The interview takes place in L.A. in a little over two weeks time. I therefore have a list of things to accomplish between then and now. These are the major points to complete:

  • I have to prepare a lesson plan. Part 1 of the interview is a role playing exercise where I demonstrate the lesson I have prepared.
  • I need to find frequently asked interview questions to practice.
  • I should re-write my resume as the one I sent the firm is directed at international financial service positions and not teaching.  
  • I need to arrange flights, transportation, and other logistics. 
If all works out, I think that I will return to Japan around September. The work visa apparently takes 2-3 months to obtain. I think that would be excellent timing. I could enjoy the summer with friends and family, finish some projects, and organize what I am leaving behind. 

Wish me luck!


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