10 June 2010

The Rapping Rain

It's late and raining yet again. There are flood warnings in some areas here in Western Montana, but not too close to me. There have been few nice, warm days lately. Perhaps it is for the best as I will not get distracted by summery weather. Rather, I focus on my up-coming interview.

For me, the biggest obstacle has always been lesson planning. In order to be invited back for a personal interview, I must demonstrate a successful lesson. Thus, I am brain-storming for ideas and trying to remember the most successful lesson plans I used previously. As a perfectionist, the esthetics of my handouts are also important to me. 

I do have about 1 1/2 weeks more until the actual interview, but I want to prepare to the best of my ability. Additionally, I am nervous. In order to rid my anxiety, I need to prepare, practice, and revise. That's the plan. That's what I'm doing now. 


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