01 July 2010

Food for Thought Friday: The Quest for What Really Matters

Good day, all. Sorry for not posting as often as I'd promised myself. I thought it best that I get to L.A. and concentrate on my job interview. I had a group interview last week and was invited back the next day for a personal interview. Obviously, getting invited back is a good sign. I will not know for another week or so if I got the position. It is my understanding at that time I will know where in Japan I would move. 

The earliest I can start is October. This delay has to do with obtaining a visa, individuals renewing or not renewing their contracts, and other logistics. As I can re-take the Foreign Service Officer Test in October, I would rather leave in November. At this point, another month seems like it will not matter too much. 

In the interim, I have been trying to make the best of my time here in Southern California by spending quality time with my sister, some friends I haven't seen in a couple of years, and really trying to understand what I want out of life. Other personal issues have come up as well that I do not want to make public domain for the sake of those affected. 

Essentially, I have been doing some soul searching. I'm still completely in limbo here, but I absolutely believe that good things are just on the horizon for me. I have hope. I will prevail. If I do not post too often, be rest assured that I am chasing my dreams, even though it is slow going. 


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