15 July 2010

Wacky Wednesdays: Yesterday's Deal

Wacky Wednesdays are dedicated to whatever subject, no matter how random, I feel like discussing. Today's theme is teeth. It is a bit of a spin off from health and wellness.

I had a root canal done yesterday. My endodontist (root canal specialist) is an hour and a half drive from here. Therefore, I drove for about three hours in order to have the procedure done.

My first root canal I had in Japan. I cannot remember exactly, but I think it took about five visits to complete the task. I was not numb when my dentist poured down 200° substance into my gums. OUCH! When I came back to the U.S., my dentist said that it needed to be redone and sent me to the endodontist. My botched root canal was more expensive to have redone than yesterday's as well as more time consuming. The redo took about 2 hours and yesterday I only spent a bit over an hour in the chair. 

Overall, I am feeling better today. I am happy that I received a new root canal before getting a new crown for that tooth. I did not see the point in getting a new crown and having to drill through it for the root canal. Next week the new crown will be put in. I hope that this will end my barrage of headaches, migraines (both of which subsided greatly after getting a temporary crown), jaw pain, and slight tooth throbbing. 

Again, without feeling well, it is difficult to muster the energy to accomplish anything. I hope that now I will not have any excuses for not performing out necessary tasks. Here's to happy teeth!!!


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