20 May 2010

Processing Time

It has recently occurred to me that I sometimes need a lot of processing time. Many things "click" logically right away, but there is an emotional lag-time in processing what it impact it will have. Or sometimes things just do not make any sense at all, and then one day, BAM, it is crystal clear. The latter was certainly true of me learning Japanese. Sometimes the light just came on after months and months of heartache. 

I am still processing and understanding my current situation. I have made a next-step life decision, but I do not know what I want for more long-term happiness. That is what I am now in the midst of processing. Sometimes only the next step is clear and two steps away is obscure. I am still in limbo, but moving from that phase into the next. 

Forgive me if I am being vague. Today's point is simply that some decisions take time--processing time. And my RAM seems low lately, but it is slowly coming together. 


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