07 May 2010

Food for Thought Friday

Every Friday, I will give you food for thought.

5 Ways to Market Yourself During a Recession is a good read. I found that tip #5,"embark on a major personal project," is something that I have been trying to work on, and I am not referring to this blog.

In order to try to maintain my happiness and sanity whilst unemployed, I decided several months ago that I needed to accomplish personal projects. As such, I am scanning in all of my old 35 mm negatives and photographs, organizing, and labeling them. I am close to finishing, but the computer I have been using for the project has not been cooperating lately, a situation that I am in the midst of resolving. 

Other projects I'd like to tackle:
  • Understand my digital SLR better. It is much different than my old 35 mm and more complicated.
  • Learn Photoshop. I would like to find a local class to attend, but I have not located one near me as of yet.
  • Write a book. I still do not feel ready to take this on yet, but I am mulling it over. 
Are there any projects that you would like to work on? If so, what? Can I help you?

P.S. In case you wondered why the format often seems different, I am not sure why I always seem to fight with the font style and size EVERY time I post. 


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