13 May 2010

Plan Z????

As I am seeking employment, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. I must admit that at this juncture, I know that I am beyond Plan B and probably onto about Plan E or even F. I am trying to prioritize what I really, REALLY want into a definite order. 

Plan A was to get a job doing management consulting in London. It turns out that it is no easy task for an American to get a U.K. work permit, at least not for me personally. Also, I have not gotten any interest from any management consulting firm yet. That certainly means that Plan A is pretty much dead. 

I am keeping this brief as my shoulder has been acting up, therefore I haven't been getting enough sleep, and I am etching out Plan E, is it? I hope that I do not end up at Plan Z. Please send good vibes my way. 


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