14 February 2010

Holidays Abound

Today is Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Tiger!), Presidents' Day weekend, and I'm not sure what other holidays. As you noticed, I took about a 2 week hiatus, which was not intended at all. I had friends that I had not seen in 10 years that were in town amongst other madness. By the time it dawned on me that I was behind on the blog, a week and a half had passed. Oopsie.

To get you up to speed, I have been reading a book on job hunting strategies. My thought is that if I do end up going through a recruiter where I am footing the bill, that perhaps I should invest time into understanding just the best way to go about getting a job. I may save money and, perhaps more importantly, I will learn more about myself and other opportunities. I am of the general belief that I like to do things on my own just for the learning curve.

Now I am reading and working through this book. Per usual, I feel that perhaps I am over-thinking the job search. It started just with quite literally where in the world I want to live. It's a huge issue to me, but on the other hand, I am extremely flexible and can put up with almost anywhere if it's temporary. This puts me almost back at square one; however, I am learning a lot about my limitations (often in the form of work visas), my strengths, and where my interests truly lie.

I am thus seizing this opportunity to reconnect with people and enjoy some holidays, which are brightening my outlook. Sometimes it's good to change the routine.

Go Year of the Tiger!!!!


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