25 February 2010

Gaining Momentum?

Good day, everyone. The job hunt is of course an on-going battle until I land a job. I thought perhaps I should share some knowledge I've been gaining based on reading some books and researching things on Google.

Getting started and staying organized:

Everything I read states that is basically imperative to find this mystery person known as the hiring manager. HR is there to screen you out, not hire you for the job. (That is the job of the hiring manager, hence "hiring manager.")

So, it's time to get our heads out of our safe, little turtle shells and take some action! Apparently people don't get jobs by just laying around all day becoming one with the couch. Nope! I myself am working on it. Getting out of my own comfort zone, calling people I don't know, being as proactive as I can currently. That's what I'm striving for.

I thought some links might help you with finding the mysterious hiring manager:

Career Adventure: note that there are 4 articles regarding "Job Search Tip: Finding the Hiring Manager." I suggest reading them as they are short, but having possible immediate impact. Tip #3 is about using LinkedIn in your quest.

Quintessential Careers: practical ways to get the information you are looking for.

Beyond: more thoughts on finding him/her.

I hope this helps your search. I am mulling over some other strategies to employ. One idea is forming a job hunting club. Care to join? Let me know. If you know somebody who may want to join me, let me know that too.

It's time for a break. I feel I actually earned one today.


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