01 March 2010

Interesting Job Factoids

The job hunt journey is always a long one it seems. Sometimes looking at the numbers is helpful and at other times upsetting. Either way, I thought you might enjoy some of the research I've been doing.

Top job search techniques and effectiveness in landing a position, according to What Color is Your Parachute? (mostly paraphrased, but not completely):

1. Asking for leads from "warm contacts" (people you know). 33%
2. Cold calling various employers whether they are known to have a vacancy or not. 47%
3. By yourself using the Yellow Pages to identify target companies, then calling them or visiting the employers to see if they are hiring for someone with your skills. 69%
4. In a group of other job seekers, using the same basic technique as #3, but in a group and sharing information. 84%

The worst ways? Well, I thought you'd like to know:

1. Looking for employers' job postings on the net. 4-10%
2. Mailing out resumes to employers at random. 7%
3. Answering ads in professional/trade journals. 7%
4. Answering local newspaper ads. 5-24% (The higher the salary level, the lower the effectiveness of using this technique.)
5. Going to private employment agencies or search firms for help. 5-28% (Again, the difference in effectiveness has to do with salary.)

I hope you make use of these statistics as I have been. I am trying for a combination of the first four methods I mentioned. However, I find that reading through ads can help me locate a business that I would have otherwise not known about.


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