06 March 2010

NYC Networking

It's been quite a busy week. Unfortunately, I was out of commission for 2 days with a cold and a migraine, hence my tardiness on this post.

Let's just do the highlights of the week as I am still rather busy:
  • I scheduled a phone interview next week with a firm located in Manhattan. (Thank you to my brother Daniel for helping me with that cover letter for that particular position.)
  • I chatted with a friend of a friend who would like to help connect me with appropriate people. (Thank you to John for putting me in touch with Eben.)
  • I researched apartments within Manhattan to get a better feel for what is available.
  • I set a minimum amount that I need to earn (i.e., to pay student loans, rent, and other living expenses).
  • I interviewed over the phone with a firm in Missoula, MT (my hometown) that will help me further network. (Thank you Pat for connecting me to Jill.)
  • Networked, networked, networked. (I appreciate everyone helping me out in this arena.)
  • I sent thank you notes to all parties that have helped me. Thank you!!!!
It seems that my job search strategy may be paying off. This is the most positive week in terms of job hunting that I've had thus far. I'm really excited about all of the possibilities.

Tonight, I am celebrating as my graduation ceremony was held today in Paris. I could not attend due to my unemployment, but that's no reason not to have fun with my local friends.


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