20 February 2010

Job Search Got You Down?

If so, I understand. I have been in a slight rut lately myself. But, not the giving-up sort, I am re-thinking my goals and my strategy.

Here's what I'm up to:
  • Reading a book on searching tactics
  • Asking people that get interviews for tips
  • Networking
  • Researching companies
  • Looking into using recruiters
  • Finding job fairs
  • Looking into professional designations
Wow! I have to say looking at this list makes me feel better. I was a bit down earlier in the week, but I am starting to see things come together a bit more after seeing it on screen.

But, if you have any advice to bestow upon me, please do so. I would love it! Or any information about investment or management consulting firms in large cities (currently I'm researching Boston and NYC) please hit me up with that info too. Thanks in advance!

*Also, I like to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin for practical advice that does make me happier. Here's a link to another article about being unemployed.


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