05 January 2010

Life Coach

I was recently advised that perhaps when job searching that I need to report to someone about my progress. I thought this to be an excellent idea, but when weighing options, realized that most of the people I am able to see in person is limited. And those people happen to be either related to me or busy or both. While I love my family dearly, it is harder for me to explain myself to them. I think that is probably the case with a lot of people.

Thus, I have asked an intelligent, wonderful, and inspirational friend to be my life coach. Just knowing that she's supporting me has done wonders in the past for me. I have found myself on amazing adventures by implementing her philosophies. She is a source of inspiration through her suggestions and actions. I asked her to be my life coach despite the fact that she lives on a different continent. I am very thankful for Skype and e-mail to make this possible.

In turn, she asked that I do the same for her. I am, of course, more than happy to help her and honored as well. Together, I think that we will be able to accomplish more of our individual goals and get more creative with our solutions. It's another exciting new adventure and I have someone to accompany me on it. I am very grateful for that.


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