21 January 2010

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

I have made some progress this week, despite not having made a Week 3 goals list. I am slowly checking off things from Weeks 1 & 2 that I did not in fact cross-off the list.

Yesterday, I picked up my file cabinet that my sister had been maintaining for me since my move to Japan in 2005. I thought it might be time to organize it, find missing items (a couple of important photos from Japan amongst other things), and see if I needed to take care of other items of business that I may have forgotten about over the years. As an organizational freak, I also like the idea of having my stuff all in one location, neatly stored, and easy to access.

In other words, I have not been moving as forward in the job search as I would like. However, I have been laying ground work to make progress more smooth. It's just as I mentioned previously, kaizen (small but meaningful steps) help tremendously in both the job search and life as a whole.

Forward ho!!!


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