13 May 2009

Theseus-EDHEC Class of 2009

My EDHEC Class of 2009 , nicknamed T20, is a wonderfully diverse group of people in terms of nationality, professional background, and personality. There are 42 of us from 23 different countries. I have had the pleasure to work and interact with everyone in both group and individual situations. This has led to a steep learning curve in working with an international collection of professionals. My previous 3 years in Japan was still quite global, but there was more of an emphasis on Japan and English speaking countries in my network. Therefore, T20 has really had a positive impact on me personally and professionally. 

My favorite aspect of T20 is our diversity. Between us, we know many languages and many of us have lived outside our home countries besides just France. T20 has been a catalyst for different perspectives, innovation, and information on a myriad of subjects and fields. For example, if I would like to gain insight on a Chinese point of view, I can ask 3 of my colleagues and a 4th if I want a more Hong Kong interpretation. It's very helpful and allows me to understand both each person better individually and culturally.

T20 has granted me, and will continue to permit me, to understand international relations and business in-depth and on meaningful level. 

I would like to thank my T20 cohorts, I really appreciate your continued support.


Adedee said...

Thank you Beckie! It was a pleasure working with you, you are definitely one of the most open minded people i have met so far.

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