18 May 2009

A Myriad of Jobs

I am the sort of person who enjoys variety. This is very reflective of my personality, the need to explore the world, and how I can contribute to it positively.

When people read my CV or dig into my career history, some items seem to have some shock and/or awe value. In particular, I worked full-time at a fish market, part-time at a tea store, and full-time as an English teacher in Osaka, Japan.

Working at Coastal Seafoods was a great experience. It was physically demanding and actually taught me a lot about haute cuisine. As Coastal offers many cooking classes, I was also able to gain a breadth of knowledge about general cooking techniques and fish specifics. I had not really learned to cook much before that; therefore, it was great to impress my friends and family with my fish culinary expertise.

Working at The Tea Source was only a part-time gig whilst I toiled away full-time at my investments job. It was a nice change of pace from my posh cube as I chit-chatted with customers and tried an amazing variety of tea. I really enjoy the little things in life like that, so doing this part-time job was both fun and educational.

While my 3 years in Japan was an incredible experience that I continue to expand upon, I really enjoyed my students. They were an inspiration to me in so many arenas. They also taught me valuable life lessons including: results are not as important as the process, always try your hardest, slow and steady wins the race, and do what you love. There is no way to measure what I learned, but I can assure you that I could write about it at some length.

All-in-all, the plethora of jobs I've held down has enriched my life immensely. These 3 may be the "odd" jobs that stand out immediately, but certainly my other jobs also contributed greatly to the quality of my life. Thus, I am continuing to search for my next, big, life-changing career move.


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