09 May 2009

Executive Summary

Bonjour and bienvenue to my memoirs.

I would like to introduce you to myself, the vision, and objective of my new blog. My memoirs is intended to be my opinion on professional matters in my life. I have several areas in which I would like to share and discuss with others.

A brief background: I am finishing my MBA from Theseus-EDHEC (EDHEC for short) in Nice, France. I will write a business plan for an art company starting within the next month and am currently doing research to support it. I have a myriad of life and professional experience that spans 3 continents (specifically the U.S., Japan, and France), several industries (banking, life insurance, investments, education, and niche food markets), and differing roles (Customer Service Associate, Team Leader, Compliance Officer, and English Teacher).

Vision: to create a niche for my unique skills and support others to do the same. 

Purpose: to build a great community, and create a dymanic platform for contributing ideas, thoughts, and stories.

Thank you for your time!

Rebecca J. Faught


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