10 May 2009

Forecasting Time Management

I find that I have many opportunities to upgrade my time management skills as I am currently scheduling 100% of my time by myself. I seem to underestimate the time that any one particular project may take, which makes predicting and scheduling difficult.

As a result, I am taking the bull by the horns and laying out everything I can in the greatest amount of detail possible. Here is just an overview of my project list:

  • Writing a business plan for a start-up design company
  • Selecting a new job
  • Designing a professional website for myself
  • Creating a personal mood board
  • Studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2
  • Becoming more fit and healthy
  • Traveling whilst in Europe before returning to the U.S.
I will further break down each item into actionable items and milestones. I prefer to do this on paper and will translate this into something tangible in order to better forecast the necessary time to complete each step.


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