22 April 2010

My Role as Toastmaster

One aspect of Toastmasters, in addition to becoming a better public speaker, is to gain experience in various club roles. There is a leadership track which you can focus on in addition to becoming a competent communicator. The leadership workbook has 10 projects that help with the topic, specifically on managing meetings.

This week was my first time being the Toastmaster since I began this new club. The project I worked on for leadership was time management. I, like many, could benefit from such a skill.

Planning, another leadership component, is important. I had to know the schedule both in terms of who has which role and the time allowed for each portion of the meeting. I needed a theme, although I originally thought this was the topic master's duty. I chose "spring." I needed introductions from each speaker, but both scheduled speakers did not attend. Fortunately, two people volunteered and I was given one introduction.

Ultimately, my first time as a Toastmaster went well. I was glad to see that people were able to improvise in giving speeches. I kept things running on time. People commented that they enjoyed my theme and the facts and stories surrounding spring. It was a good experience, and I learned more about becoming a better leader.

The leadership portion of Toastmasters is something I look forward to completing. I really enjoy being in an environment where people are friendly and supportive. I also feel that many of the lessons taught at Toastmasters will support future career growth opportunities.

Go Uptown Toasters!!!


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