30 November 2009

Writing, Editing, and Rewriting

The holiday season is now officially underway. I have been sluggish in my attempts to search for a job as it took a good deal of time to write my business plan for my MBA and studying for the FSOT. It's the time to buckle down and start researching more opportunities. Perhaps the cold weather will inspire me to look harder.

Thus, I find myself needing to write essays and cover letters, editing my CV, and rewriting much more. I have the added benefit of several people wanting to help me with my edits and even perhaps building me a website. (Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! And if anyone else wants to help, I would be grateful.) Essentially, I'm trying to find a job in a city where I'll actually like what I'm doing and where I'm at. That's not necessarily the easiest match for me, but it is important. It takes time.

In Minneapolis recently, I found myself with an unexpected mentor to help me think about the strategy of my job search. His suggestion included a CV rewrite along with arming myself with different CV's for different jobs. I have therefore been working on editing and rewriting my CV as to inspire future employers to interview me. And eventually get hired.

Time to research. Time to edit. Time to apply.

With a better job-hunting strategy in mind thanks to my mentor, I expect to be writing more in the near future. Wish me luck!


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